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It went on like this, until finally the necessary documents were arranged — but then the administration department would not accept the invoice she had submitted, asking for another one.

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All of this messing about made the querent very distressed, and by the time she asked the question in April she was worried whether there would be any further delays, or even if she would receive the money at all, since she had her own personal debts, and was in need of receiving the money quickly. This might suggest that the matter is already resolving itself by the time the querent asks the question, or that the situation is too far progressed for her to now begin to maneuver her position.

by William Lilly

The other consideration is that the question was asked in the planetary hour of Saturn, which has no agreement with the Cancer ascendant or the ascendant-ruler Moon. These two considerations probably point to the fact that, deep down, the querent already knew that these things would eventually untangle. Since she was already in the process of sending in a new invoice, we know that things are moving.

Whilst acknowledging the potential warnings of the considerations, we can see from looking at the chart that the situation is clearly reflected astrologically. The Moon, ruler of the ascendant, acts as her main personal significator, with its position close to the 8th house cusp making her concern about receiving the money owed to her even more explicit.

Encounter with Lilly

From looking at the chart, I judged that the solution would only take a matter of days, because the Moon was making several promising applications to relevant aspects. Despite the fact that both the Moon and Mercury are slow in motion, which helps to describe the background of delays, the Moon is now making an unimpeded sextile to Mercury, from the 8th house cusp to the Midheaven, describing the querent as personally petitioning Civil Hall to ensure that the money owed is directed to her bank account.

The Moon then moves on to perfect a sextile with mutual reception by exaltation to benefic Venus, which is particularly powerful in both ruling and being placed upon the Midheaven. Finally, after moving through the positive aspects of the Midheaven itself sextile and the nodes, the Moon meets the conjunction of 8th-ruler Jupiter, which, as an essentially dignified benefic, receives the aspect by sign. This all points to the good will of the government in relation to the querent, and to the effectiveness of her request.

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  • These positive themes demonstrate the arguments for perfection in the matter of money owed, as set out by William Lilly C. So whichever way we choose to consider this chart, the testimony of the querent receiving her money soon, is very clear. I told the querent that she should expect to receive some good news soon, and that I judged her receipt of the payment to occur in either around 5 days, or around 11 days.

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    I pronounced 11 days because the exact aspect never seems to reflect the exact time, there is always some discrepancy in such short time prognostics. Since Jupiter is in its own domicile, there is not only disposition but also virtue to be handed down. Also, I note that according to Sahl, the bodily conjunction trumps the aspects. As promised, at 2pm that day, the money was deposited, and she was very happy to tell me that outcome.

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    Related Papers. It is so large that it came in three separate volumes in modern times, and it remains popular even today and has never gone totally out-of-print. It is considered one of the classic texts for the study of traditional astrology from the Middle Ages , in particular horary astrology , which is mainly concerned with predicting future events or investigating unknown elements of current affairs, based on an astrological chart cast for the time a particular question is asked of the astrologer.

    Worked examples of horary charts are found in Volume 2 of Christian Astrology. He then began to issue his prophetical almanacs and other works, which met with serious attention from some of the most prominent members of the Long Parliament. Even John Selden seems to have acknowledged him, and probably the chief difference between him and the mass of the community at the time was that, while others believed in the general truth of astrology, he ventured to specify the future events to which he referred.

    In , Lilly wrote a preface to Sir Christopher Heydon 's An Astrological Discourse with Mathematical Demonstrations , a defence of astrology written about which was first published posthumously, largely at the expense of Elias Ashmole. After the Restoration he very quickly fell into disrepute. His sympathy with the parliament, which his predictions had generally shown, was not calculated to bring him into royal favour.

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    William Lilly - Christian Astrology - 3 Books

    He came under the lash of Samuel Butler , who, making allowance for some satiric exaggeration, has given in the character of Hudibras ' Sidrophel a probably not very incorrect picture of the man; and, having by this time amassed a tolerable fortune, he bought a small estate at Hersham in Surrey , to which he retired, and where he diverted the exercise of his peculiar talents to the practice of medicine.

    He died in In a commemorative plaque was placed next to the disused Aldwych tube station on the Strand. Lilly lived in a house on the site from to Olivia Barclay and other British astrologers began to unearth Lilly's astrological work, and were influential in the eventual re-publication of Christian Astrology.

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