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You seem to be poised to make some positive moves and changes near the 11th, and with Venus turning direct on the 16th, don't hesitate to reach out to those who you sense can support you. During the first three weeks of November, the importance of expanding business and social contacts is emphasized—and the new ties you forge will prove highly fortunate. What's more, Venus' direct motion after the 16th indicates that you're coming out of a frustrating holding pattern, both professionally and emotionally. You'll see the path ahead far more clearly, and behind-the-scenes meetings and planning will provide a beacon to guide you on your way.

New places, people, and possibilities promise to open up your world, and whatever occurs near the 11th is telling you to take a chance on the new and leave the past behind. Mars has been in and out of your sign since last May, and this month you appear to be springing clear of a burden or sense of urgency and taking stock. A planetary emphasis on your career angle also promises more recognition of your recent contributions, and urges you to launch an ambitious plan.

November will be an action-packed month, and will finish in a way that opens your eyes to possibilities you hadn't previously considered. And on the 8th, Jupiter's entrance into Sagittarius is going to brighten your prospects. Your insight into a complex situation will enable you to make canny moves near the 14th, so be ready to follow your hunch and take a risk. With lucky Jupiter traveling to the zenith of your chart where it will remain for a year it's time to consider new options and expand your reach.

Travel is beautifully highlighted this month, and Venus' direct motion on the 16th indicates that financial and collaborative ventures previously in limbo will finally move into an active phase. Still, be patient and adopt a wait-and-see attitude until details become crystal clear in December.

Your patience around a tricky relationship or possible new deal are about to pay off, and whatever happens near the 12th is telling you to keep your eye on your goals. You're about to enter a very active phase. November is the time to complete long-term projects, and then do some necessary stepping back. Getting more perspective is what it's all about, and the more you make an effort to communicate with those whose expertise and support you require, the better.

December 16th Birthday Horoscope

Happily, with Venus coming out of a long-term tailspin on the 16th, misunderstandings and confusions in close relationships will lift away. Later near the 9th, get out to expand your professional and social circles. You do appear to have a rare chance to reach highly propitious agreements near the 10th, and with Mars in the most outgoing angle of your chart, it's time to take on a new cause that truly inspires you.

Positive trends are being set in motion this November. Hazy situations will become clear, especially around professional endeavors, and your ability to stick to your agenda will reap rewards. Make an effort to be receptive to what others are experiencing near the new Moon of the 7th.

It's time to let go of outdated grievances and turn your attention to the future. New affiliations will lead you to success near the 27th. Advice you receive near the 11th will guide you in the right direction, and contacts at a distance will open new doors. This is the moment to go after new ideas and launch new plans. And get busy, because once Mercury turns tail on the 17th, others will be less focused. By mid-month, you'll be entering a particularly busy period, and in danger of trying to fly off in too many directions at once. Venus' direct motion on the 16th clears away romantic uncertainties, and Jupiter's entrance into Sagittarius adds more sparkle to close ties.

And with bountiful Jupiter entering Sagittarius on the 8th, others will be inclined to be more supportive, generous, and good-natured. Any new arrangements you enter into near the 10th also appear to be highly favorable. Enjoying life more fully is something of a theme this month. Don't be a hermit either, because your social life is in the spotlight—as are creative and entrepreneurial pursuits. Jupiter's entrance into Sagittarius urges you to branch out in new directions at work.

And with blissful Venus turning direct at the very base of your solar chart, you appear to be resolving personal issues and heading into a time of greater happiness. Events near the 9th are eye-openers for matters involved with property affairs. Whatever occurs near the 12th, don't doubt that others really are on the same page with you—and be ready to shake hands on new agreements. The part of your solar chart having everything to do with family, home, and lifestyle is brilliantly accented in November.

The plans you're pursuing appear to be getting you on a more secure track, and some concerns you've been harboring should lift away as the month unfolds. In fact, life will be lightening up in various ways, and you're entering a particularly upbeat period when your social life will flourish and creative projects will take off. As a fiery Leo, you are going to benefit from fortune-boosting Jupiter's entrance into Sagittarius on the 8th, so think about expanding your scope—and focus on putting your stamp on a new project on the 11th. New ideas bubbling up in your brain should not be dismissed—so reach out and speak up.

Others will turn out to be more receptive than you imagined. The planets are shifting this month, and it's time to do and to dare.

Personally, you appear to be entering a less stressful and more fulfilling period. About Youtuber I have also been a writer with published articles in the most popular woman magazine in my country and I had a radio show about Tarot on 4 different stations replying to questions from our listeners.

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Frequency about 15 videos per week Since Jul Channel youtube. United States About Youtuber Mastering the Zodiac uses the actual size and location of the constellations in the sky - known as True Sidereal Astrology. This was the original form of astrology practiced by ancient cultures such as the Egyptians, Persians, Vedics, and Mayans.

We believe this is the most accurate form of astrology because it is grounded in what is actually taking place in the sky. Views Count- 5,, United States About Youtuber Jean is an Intuitive Empath who has walked countless executives, professionals, artists, business owners, domestic engineers, doctors, therapists, creatives, intuitives, and people from all walks of life through the process of transformation. She has been a professional astrologer, human development professional, Coach and Quantum researcher since the mid's.

Views Count- 8,, Savannah, GA About Youtuber My astrology readings aim to reaffirm one's individual journey and encourages self-acceptance and inner-strength even as we approach the sharp edges of life: difficulties, wounds, trauma, tension from the understanding that healing is the purpose of our journey and not a detour, not the result of a mistake. Frequency about 3 videos per month Channel youtube. Views Count- 2,, She has been in private practice for 34 years.

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Videos are excerpts from Vedic Astrological Mp3 downloadable classes available at www. To participate in live classes, please contact Ryan directly or follow his blog for regular updates. The videos on this channel are a very small part of his mission to teach Astrology to enable people to take responsibility for their own lives and also to have a positive impact on the world in general.

About Youtuber I'd like to share with you a little about myself and my journey in discovering my passion for Astrology, the Tarot, the Cosmos and the Mystical side of this life. United Kingdom About Youtuber I'll be talking to you about what makes each zodiac sign special, how one's birth chart impacts their psychological features, how the planets can affect our lives, and how you can use all these to your advantage. Astrology is everywhere and impacts every single element of the world surrounding us, so the more insight you have, the better prepared you are to deal with what life brings your way.

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About Youtuber For more than 35 years, Kathy Rose has provided thousands of clients around the world with intuitive, insightful astrology consultations that help reveal their life path and purpose. She is especially adept at aiding in transitions and crossroads, and with reclaiming power and creative potential. A reading with Aepril can help you solve everyday problems and find your true path.

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Views Count- 60, About Youtuber Celestial Vibes YouTube channel will look forward to bring Astrology as a universal phenomenon under one platform. This is a platform for open discussions on astrology and related issues. Views Count- 11, About Youtuber Astrology is replete with secrets of all kinds. Your zodiac sign plays a crucial role in your future. But Heaven is not the only way to get the answers you are looking for.

This is why we - Ask Astrology - have decided to widen the topics we deal with: Horoscope, Love Compatibility, Numerology, and much more Discover everything! Views Count- 10, United States About Youtuber I am an Intuitive, I receive messages through candle flame, visions, dreams, downloads of information from the other worlds and do energy work. I work with crystals for healing, manifesting and receiving of messages.

I am skilled in the use of herbs to prepare banishing and protective remedies, etc. A part of the foundation of my work is based on working with the Soul. Frequency about 19 videos per week Since May Channel youtube. Views Count- 13,, About Youtuber Welcome to Cat Tarot, www. Still, since I was very young I was fascinated with tarot, but until recently I have always separated cards from my work, until once in my dream I've seen myself using Tarot cards in my client's coaching session.

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Get popular videos from Top 50 Astrology Youtube Channels delivered directly to your email inbox. Top 50 Astrology Youtube Channels. Submit Your Blog. Video Count - 1, 2. Video Count - 2, 3. Video Count - 2, 4. Video Count - 1, 5. Video Count - 2, 6. Video Count - 7. The Quietest Revolution Tarot Reading United States About Youtuber The Quietest Revolution is about clearing yourself of emotional blocks, releasing old patterns, downloading new software and rewiring the brain. Video Count - 8. Video Count - 9.