Love compatibility for sagittarius man and sagittarius woman

In this case, they are ready to leave their previous lifestyle and commit completely to a relationship with one woman. These men love women and are very passionate. They are often prone to multiple dating, and they have a lot of options for that because women find them very attractive. These men are often absentminded and superficial in their approach to things and people.

People who are more reliable and thorough might not like their attitude and find it hard to get along well with them.


When choosing between variety and quantity and quality, many of Sagittarius men choose quantity because it brings them more excitement and experience, especially when it comes to relationships with people. The Sagittarius woman has an open approach to people, and men in particular. These women love being around people just like Sagittarius men and they are very communicative. These women are energetic and adventurous. Traveling is one of their favorite things, and they travel for pleasure as well as for work purposes.

Sagittarius women are easy-going and accept people as they are.

Sagittarius Man and Sagittarius Woman

These women are often not very feminine and some even have a bit of a boyish attitude. These women need to learn to wait for the man to take the initiative instead of taking matters into their hands.

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The Sagittarius woman is interesting and fun to be around. These women often have a great sense of humor, and are good at communicating. They have a lot of knowledge on different subjects and a lot of interesting events from their experience, and are able to entertain people with their stories. These women are usually sports types, and often good looking. Men are attracted to their looks as well as their energy. These women love their freedom and can be prone to changing partners, but unlike Sagittarius men, they are way easier to commit and be in a serious relationship than the men of this sign.

Their relationships and marriages are not conventional, and they choose partners who have similar traits to them. They love traveling and adventures, and their partner should be willing to follow them in their quests. If they have children, they tend to take them on their journeys even when they are very young. Some of Sagittarius women even choose not to have children because they might restrict them in their movement and actions, which is something they find difficult to give up.

They are very intelligent and usually have a philosophical approach to life. The secrets of life and the Universe amaze them, and they love meeting people who share these interests.

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These women like Sagittarius men are often spiritually evolved and they nurture their spirituality through improving their knowledge and being true to their deepest desires and goals in life. They are optimists as well, and tend to maintain their happy and joyous approach to life.

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    May Astrology: New Moons…. April Astrology: Big Life…. Uranus Enters Taurus: 7 Years…. Explore Keen. Discover Advisors. User Support. Try The Karma Quiz Now!! They already know what their partner wants and needs, for they have the same desires. Nothing is off limits in the Sagittarius woman and Sagittarius man relationship, which makes it a freeing experience for both of them as they share excellent love compatibility. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! Since they both love to travel, they will constantly be off on some adventure and will return with new stories to tell. The only thing that can get in the way of the Sagittarius-Sagittarius sexual union is their shared insensitive habits.

    They will both have to be careful not to offend their mate. But if the Sagittarius can manage that, they can have a wonderful time outside the bedroom as well.

    Sagittarius Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility