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You should not get into others role or office politics. Some or other stress will be coming up as a part of this transit. Multiple planets are acting on your personal life as well. This will be a complex time for your perspective as well. Mercury and Venus will be aspecting the sector for personal and professional relationships. New relationships are possible from personal as well as professional sector.

New offers, or new interview calls also can come up. New business opportunities also come up. This is a good time for deal-making. You must try to make new deals. When Venus moves through this sector, then it will give a lot of chances to impress others. Your enemies also will be strong this time, so you have to be careful. The full moon will be activating the sector for work and colleagues. It indicates perfections in your work. There can be some projects, which needs immediate attention.

There can be some challenges in the workplace. That can be mainly with your colleagues. So, you have to be very careful. Those who work in the health and nutrition sector will have important projects.

Most of the projects can be very complex and very competitive. They can be short projects as well. This is not the time to take any risk with your job.

Try to save it, otherwise, there will be some issues. Your personal life will also be changing. Multiple projects can come up during this week.

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New projects can come up. This can be a complex week for your work because many planets are influencing your work. You should not get into any verbal spats with anyone. You will have to focus on your current job instead of looking for a new one. There will be many such opportunities for your career growth.

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Team discussions can also come up. Most of the projects can be short term as well. Lucky colours are burgundy and passionfruit.

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Lucky numbers are 29 and Enjoy the company of your neighbours or siblings today — word games and board games could prove to be fun! Libran writers may find that the muse is with them as creativity is heightened. As Mars dives into your sign, the cosmic pressure increases your competitive spirit and inspires you to be more aggressive, even physically combative, than usual. Lucky colours are red and walnut. Lucky numbers are 1 and 3.

The boundaries of your brain are widened today, making you able to appreciate all sorts of points of view and not just your own. Make the most of this broad-minded phase by talking to other people and weighing up your current options. Lucky colours are passionfruit and salmon. Lucky numbers are 33 and Be careful when handing money today, because it has the potential to rub someone up the wrong way. This is a time to stand alone and watch your life in a third person perspective.

Try meditation or some therapy to make you energetic and happy. This planet will aspect the sector for lower abdomen as well. You need a better diet. Woman may get menstrual issues. Multiple planets are triggering the sector for emotional self, blood and left the eye. These planets will aspect the sector for lower abdomen, navel, bones, flesh, mental faculties, and kidneys.

Your digestive system is activated, so you can expect digestive issues. Ginger tea will be ideal during this time. Your subconscious mind is very active and that will make you imagine more than into a negative side. You need to control your thoughts. This is a time to stand alone and make some decisions for your future. You must take meditation and healing to be at peace. This is a good time to sleep well. It is a great remedy.


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Your upper abdominal area is highly triggered during this week. Multiple planets are activating this sector. You need to have a good diet during this week. Organs like spleen and intestines are highly active so, please be careful about your diet.

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The full moon will rise in the sector for ear, breathing, and buttocks. You will have some issues like muscle cramps, but they will be part of the transit. Mars will move into the sector for the subconscious mind during this weekend and that will make you aware of your physical and emotional health. Ask a Question from Jayashree. Enjoy other weekly horoscope on Career , Love , Astrology and Tarot. Above Health Horoscope is written by Jayashree. She has proved her skills in Career consultation, Progeny astrology, Medical astrology and Astro psychology. Sun Based. Moon Based.