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Their friends would say that they are highly reliable. You hate all forms of stupidity precisely because you have high standards regarding proper deportment.

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While in most cases your instincts are spot on, there are also many situations where you come off as overbearing. While you do command quite a bit of respect because you are perceived as intelligent, people might find you toxic. People might think that you are a killjoy. They might think that you spoil the fun because you have these high standards, as far as intellectual capacity is concerned.

In fact, according to many studies, the main driver of actual life success is not IQ, but emotional intelligence. Instead of sticking blindly to your standards, focus more on when to apply them.

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Also, pay attention to who to apply them to. Lovers born on December 5th are very charming and seductive people. People born on this day are adventurous when it comes to love. They are also full of ideas and tend to always want to spend time with their lovers.

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However, these people have the tendency to be jealous at times. Since they spend time with you, you should also be willing to do the same for them.

2. Trust Is A Challenge

So you can capture the heart of someone who was born on December 5th, show interest in what they do and give them enough attention. You tend to imagine certain images that they have to live up to. You tend to focus too much on emotional standards that you set up.

You have to remember that the bedrock of any kind of romantic relationship or emotional intimacy is acceptance. Romance is supposed to be a partnership of equals. People born on December 5th are brave and are highly adaptable. They blend well with all kinds of people. You can look at people like Walt Disney as an inspiration.

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Your focus on standards is what makes you an excellent service provider or talent authority in your field. You have an impeccable sense of taste. You know whether something is right as far as quality goes. More importantly, you would not rest until you meet that high level of quality. They know that you have these high standards. They know that they can rely on those standards to get products and services that are beyond their expectations.

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Not surprisingly, this can lead to tremendous career and business opportunities. People are drawn to excellence. But on Thursday, December 6 , Mercury retrograde will officially be over. What do these concepts mean to you? The following day Friday, December 7 , a new moon in Sagittarius illuminates your communication zone, encouraging you to reach out to your immediate community.

This is a great time to catch up with friends, colleagues, or classmates, so under this velvety sky, consider ways you can cultivate your relationships.

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Simply put, Libra, it will feel nice to be with your friends. Capricorn season kicks off on Friday, December 21 , as the sun shifts into this hard-working earth sign. Interestingly, this Capricorn energy will be putting you in an extremely domestic mood. These thoughts may prompt some heavy-hitting emotions, so give yourself plenty of space to process.

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With the sun and moon opposite in the sky, you may try to bring conflicting forces together, but is this really worth your time? Finally, the month and year concludes with active Mars cruising into Aries — your opposite sign — on Monday, December Go back to basics with your skin-care routine by picking up BeautyBio's pH Balancing Gel Cleanser , a makeup remover and cleanser that will bring harmony to your complexion.

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