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We are still outworking the huge consequences of that classic Virgoan invention, the microchip, to give but one striking example. It is not at all surprising that we find ourselves living right now through an era of exceptional turmoil and change at every level: there are three cycles in particular which reveal that reality very clearly in symbolic terms.

Since then, every major institution has had its flaws mercilessly exposed to the unforgiving eye of public scrutiny, the Roman Catholic Church and its sex abuse scandals being one striking example. Pluto was last in Capricorn during which saw the early beginnings of the Agrarian and Industrial Revolutions, and the start of humans exploiting the rich resources of Mother Earth to build a world-wide materialist culture whose cost to the planet is now having to be faced as that year journey of Pluto from Capricorn through the whole zodiac and back to Capricorn, comes to an end with his entry into Aquarius in He returns to that degree in February and November We are forced into increasingly tight corners, whilst the pressure is ramped up on us to face and deal with the present consequences of past decisions, some of which might not be of our direct making.

To give a historical flavour, the last time Saturn and Pluto were conjunct in Capricorn was in Saturn p. However, this upcoming meeting of theirs at 0 Aquarius is no ordinary year event. That long period saw classical knowledge largely lost to Europe during the Dark Ages flow back, via the vital influence of the Muslim world in preserving and disseminating texts which would otherwise have been lost to history, leading to the flowering of the Renaissance and later the powerful challenges to the hegemony of the Catholic Church via the Reformation — movements which would change the world.

Their elemental tenancies are roughly as follows — with overlaps, which mean that the conjunctions occupy each element in total for around years:. Most significantly, there has been the arrival and blossoming of the Internet and attendant social media via Facebook, Twitter, etc: the most stunning world-changing shift for both good and ill since This hugely accelerated the progress of the Industrial Revolution.

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That date of may also register as being of significance for our USA readers, being their Declaration of Independence year! About the Author: Anne Whitaker is a writer, astrologer and astrology teacher based in Glasgow, Scotland. Current Planets.

Were You Born on a Cosmic Convergence? Some Notes on Cycles in a Time of Crisis Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko heliocentric.

Higher-ranking State Police officers ordered troopers to skip overtime shifts, court filing says

All named asteroids. There's a pit stop in L. The sailing rounds out at some Greek Islands and along the Italian coast, before disembarkation in Rome on April A pickup for a shorter night world cruise from Southampton also disembarking in Southampton is also available on this route. During the country itinerary, passengers can anticipate highlights like overnight stays in Cape Town, Hong Kong and Dubai. A quick stop in the Caribbean at Dominica and St. The ship makes way for several calls throughout the South Pacific, with New Zealand and Australia, before cruising through Asia, with stops scheduled in Indonesia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

Itinerary Segments: Segments are unavailable for booking. Price: This world cruise is sold out. The night voyage embarks from Rome on January 4, , and can also be joined in Genoa, Marseille and Barcelona on January 5, 6 and 7, respectively. Plus, eight overnight port calls are featured, with 15 shore excursions included in the fare.

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The cruise concludes in Genoa on April 30, , after visiting 43 destinations in 23 different countries. Itinerary Segments: Segments are unavailable for booking; the full world cruise has sold out. Price: Fares for this world cruise are sold out. The Trip: In , Insignia sails an "Around the World in Days" voyage, unique in that it crosses the equator four times while visiting a whopping 95 ports -- including a circumnavigation of South America.

The night itinerary runs from Miami to San Francisco, from January 8 through July 5; there are also options to extend the voyage to nights to sail round trip back to Miami, or to nights, by sailing on to New York. Embarkation is also available out of San Francisco on January 26, sailing round trip for nights , or on to Miami for nights or to New York for nights. Passengers will start with a visit to Key West before heading to Colombia, Central America including a Panama Canal transit and Mexico, before hitting up the California coast and the secondary pickup point in San Francisco.

Following a transatlantic crossing, numerous calls in Africa await, before moving on toward an extended stay in Asia, including visits to nine Japanese ports. The Trip: Arcadia embarks on an intrepid night global voyage on January 3, The ship sets sail from Southampton and travels west, passing through both the Panama and Suez canals, and visiting 27 ports. Highlights include stops in U. The monthslong circumnavigation ends in Southampton on April The Trip: Princess' night world cruise voyage aboard Pacific Princess sets sail from Fort Lauderdale in January and will visit 42 ports of call.

The ship then reaches its second pickup point in Los Angeles, where cruisers have the option to join the world cruise late, on January A transatlantic crossing back to Fort Lauderdale follows, with stops in Brazil and the Caribbean en route, in time for disembarkation on April Itinerary Segments: Ft. The Trip: Sail aboard plush Seven Seas Mariner's night world cruise itinerary, running round trip from Miami in January ; a second round trip variation on the sailing is available with a pickup in San Francisco on January Taking in 30 countries spread out over six continents all except Antarctica , passengers will have the opportunity to visit 36 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and to enjoy 13 overnight calls.

Bonus: Nearly worldwide shore excursions are included in the upfront rates, as are three exclusive shoreside events in New Zealand, Singapore and Tuscany. The ship returns to Miami on May 17, The Trip: Seabourn's night world cruise -- its first official world cruise in six years, despite lengthy extended explorations -- departs Miami on January 4, , and will visit 62 ports in 36 countries. Seabourn Sojourn will start by heading south and east, visiting the Caribbean before crossing the Atlantic to Africa, where it will visit ports on the continent's east, south and west coasts.

Highlights include 16 overnight calls, 18 additional late-night stays and options for mid-cruise, over-land excursions to places like the Taj Mahal. The cruise ends in San Francisco on May 28, The Trip: Silver Whisper's world cruise is a night voyage that is causing a buzz for visiting all seven continents, including an expedition experience in the Antarctic a first during a world cruise for the line , and calls on 62 ports in 32 countries. The ship sails from Fort Lauderdale to the Caribbean and South America, followed by an expedition-style visit to Antarctica. The Trip: Viking Sun will sail a night world voyage that embarks from Miami in December and continues on to London, where it concludes in May The entire five-month journey visits 33 countries on six continents, with an included-in-the-fare excursion in every port of call; several destinations will additionally feature overnight calls.

Finally, the ship heads to Asia, the Middle East and the Mediterranean.

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The sailing ends in London on May 24, The Trip: Costa Deliziosa hosts Costa's annual world voyage again in The night cruise sails round trip from Venice in early January returning May 8, There is also an option to sail round trip from Rotterdam embarking January 7, , returning May 8, The ship disembarks in London on May 24, Cunard is running two round-the-world cruises in Choose from twoJanuary voyages aboard Queen Mary 2 or Queen Victoria.

Passengers can also opt for a shorter, night world voyage that travels round trip from Southampton, England. Queen Mary 2 returns to New York on April 26, Plus, the cruise factors in overnight stays in major cities like San Francisco, Honolulu, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore and Cape Town for even fuller destination immersion. The voyage ends April 29, , back in Southampton. For this trip, the ship heads southwest from Europe, hitting Portugal and doing some island-hopping in the Canary Islands and Caribbean, before traversing the Panama Canal en route to French Polynesia and the South Pacific.

The voyage continues into the Mediterranean before Black Watch heads back north to Southampton, where the cruise ends on April The cruise can also be booked from Liverpool, England, embarking Jan. Sailing round trip from Fort Lauderdale,the cruise heads south to South America with an extended stay in Brazil including sailing time on the Amazon River ,before crossing the Panama Canal.

It then makes way to Hawaii and the South Pacific, before visiting Asia with several calls scheduled in Japan and China. Amsterdam then visits the Middle East and Mediterranean. A final transatlantic crossing brings the ship back to Fort Lauderdale on May 13, Itinerary Segments: Segments have not yet been posted for booking as of press time. Sailing round trip from Rome on January 4, , the night voyage will visit 53 destinations in 33 countries, including stops in South America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

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Cruisers can also embark from Genoa, Marseille and Barcelona on January 5, 6 and 7, respectively; the cruise concludes in Barcelona on May 5, Cruisers can also hop aboard in Los Angeles on January 25 to join in the round-the-world fun. A stop in L.

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A host of Asian ports of call follow suit, spanning Indonesia to India. The itinerary sails round trip out of Southampton, bringing cruisers to 22 countries on a night voyage.

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En route, the itinerary takes in a stop in Portugal and in a couple of Caribbean isles before transiting the Panama Canal and visiting Costa Rica, Cabo and San Francisco. Arcadia makes a good run of hopping about Asia, with a few additional stops in the Middle East, before heading back to Southampton for disembarkation on April 13,