Astrology gemini likes and dislikes

A side of them that needs to feed and a side that is hungry for food. Once invested, though, a Gemini sticks around.


Again, this is why they appear two faced. Before getting into this. I know that people paint Gemini as a whole to be two-faced, diabolical, and unfaithful. I never understood the hate. Maybe the sun makes it easier for other placements to shine through. I have always loved Geminis, even though some of them have not been very good to me. But I can say that for other sun signs as well. The over generalized hate of Gemini is overdone and annoying. For example, my fiance is basically all around Gemini.

His sun, rising, mercury, and mars is in there. While there are other factors to this, I have literally never heard of anyone disliking him. They all see him as a mild-mannered, calm, rational individual. They can seem pretentious and I find it hard to talk to them? They seem to think they know what I'm thinking and it comes across as really pretentious and or disrespectful.

This might just be this specific person but it felt like he decided a hierarchy for the house where he was at the top and assumed everyone else was gonna follow along. I normally have issues connecting or initially meeting signs like scorpio or sag I'm a taurus but this gemini felt so much more personal as we had known each a long time. Could be a random cosmetic connection but gemini strike me as two faced. Like they can be bad liars and somehow be so up their own ass that they truly believe you dont suspect a thing. Hey, sofuus, just a quick heads-up: alot is actually spelled a lot. You can remember it by it is one lot, 'a lot'.


Have a nice day! The parent commenter can reply with 'delete' to delete this comment. Like the current trend is to hate on gemini. Next year it could be a different sign.

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I mean, of course there are things that are negative about each sign but Gemini is no better or worse than any other sign. I just don't get along well with them. Act like they are so so really into something when they aren't. Act in a way that seems like they just want attention, anyone's attention. I do this. I'll catch myself stating like one little fact I know of something, which I know appears like I'm coming into the convo like I know a lot about it. I really just want to chit chat.

It's a hard motive to understand because it seems meaningless, but it's a total gemini trait. Another thing is I don't want to appear stupid so ultimately you end up coming off as a shallow person who should not talk. They're usually not committed to something. Or rather they think that they are.

But commitment is beyond the realms of thought and reason. It's a very deep seated belief, which is a basis of faith. Something that they lack because they are always trying to figure something out.

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It's not only in regards to relationship. It can be anything. But to each with their own time. My best friend in high school I will love her forever is a Gemini. She was very talkative, she constantly dominated the conversation, but everyone loved her. People would try really hard to impress her. She just would ignore other people trying to talk to her if and when she was in a conversation. I'm a Sag, and our other friend in the group was Aquarius. Aquarius was way better about that for sure, but when those two got together you couldn't stop them. Nothing anyone else said mattered.

When I became closer with Gemini than Aquarius was, then people were trying to get a word in between us.

Gemini Dislikes

I feel like Gemini is an air head, NOT in a bad or stupid or mean way but they just change like the wind and follow it with conversation. I don't actually dislike Geminis, but here are some behaviors I've seen repeated in Gemini pals and my brother so they may be related to the sign:.

They don't realize that not everybody appreciates this. I have Mercury conjunct Saturn and Pluto, this type of communication drains me to begin with, so I view it as a total waste of my time and energy when it occurs. I appreciate that Geminis like to discuss but when it turns heated, they still aren't actually truly into it emotionally and don't appreciate what it takes other people to do the same. They can come across as unsure about how they really feel about others on a daily basis. I haven't found all of them to be consistent friends. For me who needs stability I have lots of Taurus , it's hard for me when a Gemini is running kind of cold or is distant.

It's even harder when I find out a Gemini has actually cheated on their spouse or partner and quite a few have, although most Gemini friends of mine are very loyal to their loved ones. I keep finding that they don't live up to their own advice. I just had one keep posting annoying motivational quotations, some of them were even garbage or false. However, I knew she had a background where she had an addiction and an ED and I really thought she was recovering and getting ahead in life.

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Just found out she was covering up a relapse while posting by the hour the MOST annoying motivational stuff. My feelings are too experience based and irrational. My experience has been either GREAT because I only see them for short periods of time and we get along well and I enjoy the quick intellectual movement and conversations and advice. BUT never someone that will be in my "inner circle". Finding out later that I did many things that could be easily settled if we talked but instead they plot their revenge and play games.

I don't think they stop sometimes to ask is this right or wrong what I am doing, too changeable and able to just put it behind them and move to the next crazy game. To me the ones I've dealt with just lack that empathy to feel bad for things they have done. When they are detached from my life they are great to talk to and I feel they click with me. I learned to just say no and set my boundaries they will find others that meet their needs.

It's like they are great in theory but the day to day is just not for me. I also can't handle being interrupted 7 times in a row mid sentence where I can't even get a word edgewise Maybe I'm a little defensive because this is my moon sign, but I have never had a problem with Geminis in general and the hate really bothers me. You can't put everyone with the same sun sign or any placement, for that matter into a box, either.

Aquarians are usually much colder than Geminis, and you don't see us getting as much hate. I have a lot of emotional depth, but trouble expressing it. Air signs in general tend to analyze rather than feel, and I guess it just rubs other elements the wrong way.

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I can say from personal experience that my Scorpio partner thinks I don't care, even though I definitely do. I'm just aloof. I don't express it the same way a water or fire sign does. I show that I care for others with thoughtfulness rather than affection. I have noticed that I have a deep need to be liked by others, to the point that it is unhealthy. I don't think this is related to my moon, but to my chiron placement Leo although I don't know that for sure.

I'm always nice to people I've had issues with in the past. I'm sure this makes me appear fake to some, even though I don't think I am. I try my best to be genuine. I'm nice to them because I'm a nice person. I dislike conflict and I think everyone deserves a second chance. Because I have a crush on one, she knows and seems maybe interested, but I really have no clue where I stand and she has been unable to communicate anything conclusive to me.

I think she may not feel the same. We are pretty direct when someone shows interest in us right away Yeah, that doesn't stack up here.

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  4. There's been too many actions that express some kind of interest in me for that to be the case, and if she's unaware that I like her after I told her so much My wife is a Gemini and I am a Taurus. I like to plan and am steady with what I do.. She is quite literally a feeling l Gemini as well because she and I will be talking just fine but she literally flips a switch with the kids and shows the evil twin aspect. Incredibly shirt friends!

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    God where do I start. I loathe Geminis. I admire the fact that they can just talk and talk and talk, it drives me crazy cos I'm a Pisces so I can never find the words lol. But they just seem hollow. Idk but they're just so disconnected, a bit like Aquarius but not in the cool mystery guy way. Just wanted to let you know that this story originally ran in our June issue, so if you like what you see, you should probably snag a hard copy ASAP.

    I became a Gemini hater because I used to love one. She wrote subtweets and told stories about how awful I was to entire groups of people. I tried texting her, but there was no point. Something had shifted and there was no going back. Unfortunately, this falls in line with what people typically assume about Gems—they can be two-faced literally represented by Twins , flaky fast-friends who lure you in with their charm.

    Even the tiniest transgression can make you public enemy number one in the eyes of, well, everyone, because Geminis have LOTS of friends they can turn against you. Does she have a fiery personality?