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Yes the rumors are true.

Taurus Love Horoscope 12222

Taurus can be a stubborn creature at times especially when they truly believe that they are in the right. The Taurus is extremely tough and resilient and able to get back up no matter how many times they fall over in life. Since one of the most common Taurus traits is a sense of decisiveness they can tend to get extremely frustrated when they have to deal with wish-washy personalities that are constantly changing their mind every damn second. On the one hand, they love reverence, they willingly accept the love of others.

Taurus Monkey Woman — Combined Horoscope

In return, they give control, care. But this care can be excessive, which is not always pleasant to the partner. They should loosen the grip to make the relationship more harmonious. They carefully analyze the relationship, so they always understand what they need in each case. Family relationships built in adulthood will be stable and harmonious.

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They will use all their strength to make these relations harmonious. Usually they are happy in the family, because they feel support, warmth and comfort.

They should stop controlling their relatives so that the relationship is smooth and correct. Harmony is important for them, and it can be achieved only in this way.

Taurus Monkey Woman Compatibility (Love & Relationship)

Career for them means a lot. When a Taurus woman falls in love, she knows exactly how to behave. You can almost envy her spontaneous glow, the look she has in her eyes and all of the things she is prepared to give up in order to satisfy the person she fell in love with.

21 Personality Secrets of Taurus Zodiac Sign

In the beginning of a relationship she will carefully examine her partner to see if they are worthy of her feelings. Gradually she will build the trust, up to the point in which she is ready to share her thoughts, her emotions and her past, if necessary. Taurus woman yearns to be loved, passionately and tenderly, but has a deeply rooted fear of getting hurt.


Taurus Monthly Horoscope

An analogy with a tender flower would be in order, for she needs a lot of care and attention in order to blossom. Taurus is a sign ruled by Venus, the planet of feminine sexuality, or better said — sensuality. This woman will want to be caressed, by herself as much as her partner. She will want to be kissed and loved in every possible way. She cares about her connection with a partner in it.

She considers sex to be a very important part of a relationship, because it represents an intimate bond where she can feel exactly how much she is loved. She is your mother, your cook and your lover all at once. This is probably the most feminine, comfortable, tender sign of the zodiac, ruled by Venus while exalting the Moon.

2. They are selfish.

There is nothing mysterious about her once you get to know her. Although she will keep her distance for a long time, once she decides to open up, she will become someone clear, stable and compassionate, your lifelong friend and a partner in crime. It is often said that Taurus likes things nice and boring, but in fact they are ready to deal with anything ugly, for as long as it is shared with someone they love and are in constant need for excitement as Venus has to be.

Trust is something to be earned. She is careful about it probably more than any other sign, because there is a lot a stake when she makes a decision to open up.

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If she senses any dishonesty, she will lie without a blink if she feels the need to.