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Daily Horoscope December 29, for 12 Zodiac Signs

Most of us need time to adjust to major changes, and that October 27 new moon, which had Uranus opposed to the Sun and new moon in Scorpio to the exact degree, had all the makings of a difficult one bent on exposing hidden information or for sending you a shocking or surprising message. Uranus strikes suddenly and without warning. As you enter November, take things slowly as you might still be picking up the pieces of what occurred. This month, the November 12 full moon in Taurus, 20 degrees, will bring a financial matter to a close, and it will be a very positive point of the month.

You might pay your college tuition, a large medical or dental bill, a tax payment, a down payment for a house or a deposit on a lease for an apartment. I am giving you examples here, but you get the idea. The full moon on Tuesday, November 12, will be outstandingly positive because your ruler Mars will be in ideal angle to Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck. Jupiter is now in the fellow-fire sign of Sagittarius, another plus for you.

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No matter which facet you look at for this full moon, it will be your friend and will likely deliver a lucky break. If you had applied for a raise, or if self-employed, a new project, approvals seem likely now but not earlier in the month. The same is true if you put in a claim to an insurance company—you will likely see it approved mid-month. Pluto will support all your efforts too, at this full moon, and that suggests a VIP will look upon you with favor, especially in terms o f financial questions. Before you arrive at the full moon, you have one outstanding day earlier, Friday, November 8, which has my vote for the best day of the month.

The transiting moon will be in Aries—perfect! Also, the Sun will send a lovely signal to both Saturn and Neptune. This would be a great day to make a promise that you hope will be in place for a long time. I say this fully mindful that Mercury will still be retrograde until November 20, so hopefully, the promise you make is a little one, not one that is overly serious and legally binding. For that, I would wait until next month, December 15, when Jupiter and Uranus will be in sync, which is a gorgeous aspect. Going back to my spotlight on November 8, I also love this day for working on creative expressions or showing others what you have achieved.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 22)

This also will be a magical date night, and because it falls on a Friday, you will be in the right frame of mind to enjoy romance, too. Usually, I would love November 24, when Venus conjoins Jupiter, a rare and glowing aspect that happens once a year. However, on this same day, Mars will directly and tightly oppose Uranus, rattling people around you—and possibly you, too.

You or others may act a little reckless, outspoken, and aggressive. As you see, here you have a day, November 24, with one fabulous aspect Venus conjunct Jupiter but also one bad one Mars opposite Uranus , so I cannot recommend it for major actions. Your ruler Mars will create volatility when directly opposed to Uranus. Still, when it comes to your career, things will be fantastically good. Actually, a raise or extra money may come through on or very near November As you see, you may receive good news on this day in one part of your life, and not so good news in another.

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  • The new moon in Sagittarius at four degrees will arrive on November 26, influencing the ten days that follow that date. After any new moon, the changes you put into place can work well for an entire year or more. Saturn will be especially friendly and add long-term stability to your career, so any gains you make will be long-lasting—VIPs will be impressed and remember them. The new moon will fall in your ninth house of distant travel, so it appears you may be preparing for a trip to the airport. Immigration matters will be under superb rays, too. If you have any actions to take regarding academia, plan to make your appointment after the November 26 new moon.

    In the United States, we have Thanksgiving on November 28, as it falls very late this year, giving remarkably fewer days than usual for holiday shopping. Thanksgiving itself will be fantastic, for Jupiter will conjunct the moon, and Venus will be beautifully angled to Uranus, which is a cool, flirtatious, romantic vibration for those attached or seriously dating.

    Even if you are not with someone now, Venus will make sure you have fun with friends. Jupiter, the great good fortune planet, will leave fire-sign Sagittarius next month on December 2, when it enters Capricorn for the first time in 12 years. Jupiter has been in Sagittarius a full year, but alas, now he is about to depart.


    Not since have we seen Jupiter in Capricorn, and before that, This change will have a significant effect on your career, inspiring enormous growth until Jupiter leaves Capricorn a year from now, on December 19, This is doubly true if you were an Aries born April , for the golden rays of Jupiter are precise and perfectly directed to your birthday Sun.

    You are under a shower of outstandingly harmonious rays, dear Aries. Take full advantage! The new moon will be helpful to those Aries born March 26, plus or minus four days. If you have natal planets at four degrees or 29 degrees, plus or minus five degrees, then this month, you will be generously helped by a loving universe. The moon enters fellow fire sign Sagittarius, inspiring you to travel.

    Passion is in the air as the moon in Scorpio lights up the sector of your chart that rules relationships, and you're diving deeper into intimacy as the moon enters fire sign Sagittarius. The topic of sharing resources is also on your mind. The moon in creative water sign Scorpio finds you in a productive, no-nonsense mood today, Gemini! The moon also enters Sagittarius, illuminating the relationship sector of your chart and encouraging communication.


    The moon in fellow water sign Scorpio finds you having intense conversations with your partners, but a creative and affectionate energy flows, too. The moon enters Sagittarius, inspiring you to get organized. Good vibes flow at home with the moon in Scorpio today, and you're even kicking some bad habits. The moon enters fellow fire sign Sagittarius, inspiring a flirtatious energy—it's a fantastic time for celebration! Intriguing conversations take place as the moon moves through intuitive water sign Scorpio, but your focus turns to your home and family as the moon enter Sagittarius, and a generous energy flows.

    Money is on your mind as the moon moves through Scorpio, and some gifts are on the way! One tricky date arrives at the beginning of the month, when your ruler, combative Mars, locks into a tense square with volcanic Pluto on November 5. This could make for some explosive moments in a business relationship or a showdown with a significant male your father, perhaps. Nobody wants to compromise, and things could quickly devolve into a power struggle.


    Aries December 12222 Horoscope

    That can be a challenge with hotheaded Mars making you thin-skinned and itching to fight. Remember, Ram: YOU are responsible for setting appropriate boundaries and articulating your needs. Others can only help if you ask. Some stability arrives on November 12, when the Taurus full moon lands in your second house of work, money and security.

    Ready to kick a bad habit before the holidays? With la luna in your house of daily routines, you can swap self-defeating patterns for regimens that boost your vitality. The full moon will also form helpful trines to structured Saturn and powerhouse Pluto, both in Capricorn and your tenth house of success. Your diligence and productivity could impress a VIP or decision maker.

    Focus on those varsity-level players who can take your plans to new heights.

    But watch your words: This lunation will be in a tricky opposition to Mercury retrograde. On November 19, your ruling planet, Mars, shifts into Scorpio, activating your erotic and intense eighth house for the rest of the year. Mars here can ratchet up jealousy and competitiveness as much as it cranks up the sizzling heat. Finances could become a topic of animated debate, or you may have to confront some deep-seated insecurities that cause you to act and react in knee-jerk ways.

    Your emotions can be inflammatory, or an attraction could move swiftly into physical terrain without any consideration of the possible consequences. With Mars here, a joint venture can rapidly develop, and you might explore ways to merge your superpowers for mutual gain. But take your time starting out and let the erratic Mars-Uranus energy pass.

    Perspective returns—refreshingly—starting November 22, when the Sun soars into Sagittarius and heats up your ninth house of travel, adventure and growth. For the next month, go wide instead of deep. Explore all the enticing opportunities that pop up to stretch beyond your comfort zone. You can narrow down your choices later. For now, the idea is to think and dream big! The November 26 Sagittarius new moon plants the seeds for a visionary venture, perhaps one that involves a long-distance journey, a return to school or developing an entrepreneurial idea.

    Over the next six months, a couple of those wild notions could turn into something tangible! Celebrating Thanksgiving in the U. Choose acceptance instead of swimming upstream. That will certainly help the next day, November 28, if you observe the Thanksgiving holiday. This could be a huge career weekend—or just a moment to get deeply rooted in reality—as the moon, social Venus, responsible Saturn and transformational Pluto all gather in Capricorn and your traditional tenth house.

    Your celebrations could take a turn for the meaningful.

    Vogue Edition

    The tenth house rules men, especially fathers. An important male-identified person could provide wisdom and support. Cupid is circling this month as your ruler, passionate Mars, prowls through Libra and your seventh house of committed relationships until November But you need to be focused and single-minded in your pursuits.

    December 12222 Love Horoscope & Relationships Forecasts Aries

    Give your union the TLC it deserves. Put your partner first every chance you get! Until November 25, amorous Venus is soaring through liberated Sagittarius and your adventurous ninth house. Even as Mars is spurring you toward commitment, Venus finds freedom a major turn-on. For couples, this is a great cycle to travel together—with the caveat that trickster Mercury is retrograde until November 20 in your eighth house of sex, intimacy and intensity to boot , so there WILL be obstacles to navigate around. One thought: Plan and ticket the trip now but go later. Just having those reservations to look forward to can be exciting for now.

    Make like a free bird and spread those wings!